Don't Take it from me, take it from our amazing customers

"I would definitely recommend, whether you're a beginner getting your first pre-workout ever or a seasoned pro who's sick of all the Zombie Warfare out there. Considering you're no longer having to buy Creatine, you actually come out ahead price-wise." 

"Just saying, it doesn't just have to be pre-workout. It can also be pre- performance. I really felt the difference. Usually after a full day of skiing, I'm sore all over and really tired. But I actually feel amazing right now."

"Taste 15/10 nothing more to say. Stims 10/10 they are there but don't feel itchy at all. Endurance 9/10, took a second to hit me but once it did I was ready for war. Pump, 1000/10, Stupid pump."

"Love Prym with all my heart. Insane focus, good pump, I get great lifts with it. Only problem is it blows out my colon sometimes." ;) #prympoops

"The energy Prym gives is great, not too much to have me shaking like other pres but enough to keep me going. The pump is phenomenal, I feel like I can workout longer and harder. Maybe it's placebo haha. I also really like that it's got a full dose of Creatine, that's a nice added bonus. Flavors are also very good, definitely the best pre-workout I have taken this far."

"Went HARD. Totally locked in and the pump was CRAZY!"