Hello! My name is Tristan Bishop and I am the founder and CEO of PRYM (Prime) supplements! PRYM is a small business located in Paradise, UT and is growing quickly. I started PRYM because I was sick of the itchy, unsettling shaky feeling that most pre workouts cause, not to mention the terrible crash afterwards. I wanted more natural, clean, and transparent workout supplements. So I decided to change the game. I did extensive research on correct ingredients and doses. I soon learned that many brands are rarely giving customers the correct amount of dosage, so their ingredients can't deliver their actual effects. So I made sure to make that my number one priority: Don't under-dose anything! I went on to create a formula that not only isn't under-dosed, but it also provides long lasting energy that is clean, not jittery, followed by pumps that will make you stand out in the gym. PRYM is known by all of our customers for its clean effect, and for always delivering. 


Our mission here at PRYM is to provide workout supplements that have clean, long lasting energy with no crash, amazing mental focus, and let’s not forget our outstanding flavors! We guarantee that every ingredient is dosed to the correct amount, and we hide nothing from the customer about our products. To me and many others, PRYM signifies top tier quality.